100 days til Launch Mode

100 days til Launch Mode

It's not going to be 100 days, it's going to be $100. 

Official launching of Chooboxus

 We haven't officially launched as of yet....so here's a way to reward everyone for keeping up with us and also......keeping hopeful. As you know, we are an entertainment shopping website....meaning, you answer some trivia questions and you get to shop for a dollar.

So to sort of jump start this website and show that we are ready (force us to be ready) we will be giving away $100. No, not $100 everyday, lol, we will give $1...then $2....then $3 in order like that. The first $1.00 is free but each subsequent win will cost $1.00 We will do this every day until we reach $100.00 By that time, the site should be 100% complete and everyone should be ready for the big prizes (Samsung Tablets, phones, Ipads, Ipods, etc etc)

SIDE NOTE: Do they even sell ipods still????

Not a trivia question.

So without further....uhm, yeah so let me explain real real quick how this shit goes if you didn't already understand.

1. We will post a website or product etc and we would like 35 comments.

Once we receive that amount we will post the prize and a trivia question based on the aforementioned website or product.

All comments are moderated. Once we receive the correct answer (and some time has passed) we will release the comments and the first person that commented with the correct answer will receive a link to purchase the prize listed.

2. Collect prize.

Very very very simple....and fun.

After that, we will only request comments and shares based off the number of comments in the previous winning trivia question. So for example, if the trivia question receives 2 comments, then we will request 2 comments / 2 shares of the next post.


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